The Organic Food Federation

Why Organic?

Organic production is fully sustainable and environmentally sound. There is an increased awareness of the importance of sustainable methods of food production which reduce the detrimental impact on the environment. There has been a considerable growth in consumer demand for organic products which is reflected in the increase in organic commodities found in the marketplace. This demand can lead to increased profitability for all concerned. Organic produce is traceable from the farm to the fork because at every stage of its journey it is inspected and certified. This ensures the integrity of any product marketed as organic.

Why the Organic Food Federation?

    • We have over 30 years experience of certifying organic operations.
    • Our membership is varied and our staff will assist with enquiries relating to all aspects of our organic standards.
    • We treat every applicant as unique and this is reflected in our use of quotations, rather than a set fee scale.
    • We assess each new application on its merits; send out an individual quotation which if acceptable is signed and returned in order that we can arrange an audit.
    • We do not charge on turnover.



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