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Frequently Asked Questions

01. Why is organic certification necessary?

It is a mandatory requirement that all products labelled organic must be certified by an approved certification body. Organic produce can be traced from the farm to the fork with every process along the way obtaining a certificate of conformity. If the product is altered in any way the operation must be registered and certified. This enables full traceability. In effect the organic label can be regarded as a brand. Consumers can rely on the fact that products comply with organic standards and have been produced or processed by approved operators. Certification provides assurance that this is the case.

02. Why the Organic Food Federation?

The Federation:

  • Prides itself on providing a personal service with the help of our knowledgeable and friendly staff.
  • Is accredited by UKAS to ISO/IEC 17065:2012.
  • Can help you source organic products.
  • For clients that require BRC audits we are pleased that we can offer this at the same time as organic inspections so saving your time and money.
  • Our standards and explanatory notes can be downloaded without cost from this website.
  • We exhibit at or attend major organic trade shows.
  • Our inspectors are all fully qualified to carry out organic audits.

03. Who actually needs to have Organic Certification? Producers, processors, traders or importers?

  • Everyone who produces or alters an organic product in any way must obtain an organic certificate of conformity from an approved certification body such as the Organic Food Federation. This must be obtained for any product / process which claims to be organic.
  • Processors must submit recipes showing all components of the product and these must be sent to the Federation accompanied by all relevant certificates covering the ingredients.
  • Producers must certify land, crops and livestock.
  • Warehouses and storage operations must be certified.
  • Importers must certify all products which are imported from outside the EU and any EU products which are re-packed, re-labelled or processed.

04. Is UK organic certification valid in the EU?

Yes. Certification with an approved UK certifier enables organic trade throughout the EU. Similarly any products which are certified by an authorised EU certification body can be sold or used in organic recipes in the UK.

05. How do I apply for Organic Certification?

The process is simple.

  • Application for quotation forms can be obtained from this site.
  • We recognise that our operators are unique so we offer individual quotations and do not charge on turnover.
  • Once we receive an application for quotation form a quotation will be generated.
  • Upon receiving a signed quotation and deposit we will ask you to fill in a certification agreement.
  • Following the receipt of this signed form we will arrange a time and date for an audit with one of our inspectors.

06. Can you carry out product searches for me?

Yes. We can put you in touch with suppliers of specific organic material. Just contact a member of staff and we will be happy to help with your search requirements.

07. What is the Federation's position on GMOs?

The organic regulation does not permit the inclusion or use of any genetically modified material in any organic product.

08. Is the Federation Code (GB-ORG-04) and logo acceptable to retailers?

Our logo can be obtained by emailing once you have registered with us. The use of our logo is optional.

The EU organic logo and accompanying wording (which includes our certification body code - GB-ORG-04) is mandatory on all pre-packed organic goods. In cases where the EU organic logo is not required, our certification body code must still be used. Please see our guidance note on this subject for further information.

09. Is the Federation logo acceptable to retailers?

Yes. It shows that your product complies with organic regulations and if you look on the supermarket shelves there are many Organic Food Federation products available.

10. How do I apply for Organic Entry Level scheme grants?

All the most up to date information relating to the organic entry level scheme can be found on the Natural England website.

For more information please click here.

11. How much will certification cost?

Our operators are unique so we offer an individual quotation system.

  • We do not charge on turnover or for our standards or use of our logo.
  • If you are happy with the quotation it should be signed and returned to the Federation office.
  • Following the receipt of a signed quotation and deposit we will ask you to fill out a certification agreement form.
  • Once this is received a qualified inspector will be allocated to your operation and will contact you to arrange an audit.
  • Please contact a member of our team if you have any questions relating to cost.




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